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What Should Guys Wear for the Engagement Photos?

***Hey Folks – the following is a guest post from the amazing Jien Ang who writes the blog “In the Style of“. I asked him to write a post on what guys should wear for engagement sessions.***

Now there’s one thing that people tend to forget when it comes to choosing clothes for photo shoots like these (i.e. non-fashion orientated/editorial style shoots), and that is comfort is everything. Engagement photos are like a display of who you and your fiance really are, away from all the influences and expectations of your friends, family, and the rest of society. We don’t need you getting all dressed up if that’s not your style, that’s what the wedding day is for.

So it’s important that what you choose to wear is something you are comfortable in. Now don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean go reach for your sweats and ripped up t-shirts. When I say comfortable, I’m talking about a look that is reflective of you as an individual, something presentable to the world. We want to be able to see you at your best moments.

What to Wear for Engagement Photos

With this said, here are a few of my suggestions to consider when choosing what to wear:

Consider the styles of both you and your partner and try to complement one another. Don’t go for two extremes; try to meet halfway, so in other words, you might need to compromise a little.

*      Let’s start off with pants: Jeans (all season) or Khakis (summer). If you have chosen jeans, avoid ones with holes. Sure they’re comfortable, but people don’t want to see patches of hair emerging from those holes.Make sure your pants are well fitted; we don’t want baggy jeans which could envelope both you and your fiance. We’re here to flatter you, not hide you. If you choose the khaki route, you can go with the classic colours or perhaps go bold with a pair of coloured ones. Keep in mind this will influence the colour of shirt you wear.

*      Now with the shirts: Button downs (short-sleeve for summer, long for all seasons) or T-shirt. If you’ve chosen the t-shirt route, please avoid the jewel-encrusted, Ed Hardy-esque ones; let’s try and keep this simple and classic. Opt for a comfortable but not overly baggy t-shirt. Choose a v-neck if you’re a little ‘daring’, but you definitely you can’t go wrong with a classic crew-neck. If you like to dress up a little more, then reach for a button down.

*      Choose your shirt colours wisely and consider your partner’s choice of colours; try to avoid matching colours exactly, instead, choose a different shade, or better yet, choose a colour in the same family. White shirts are probably your safest bet, unless you’re really pale. Blues are definitely a safe colour, but don’t be afraid to be bold and reach for a brighter colour. If you want to go bolder than bright solids, then consider a shirt with a pattern. But also remember that patterned shirts will limit how much you can accessorize.

There’s no need to over accessorize; we want simple things that define you. Like to wear ties or bow-ties? Then put one on with your button-down. This is probably one of the only accessories you can really have fun with. HOWEVER, If you’re wearing a patterned shirt, avoid accessorizing with a bow-tie/tie because we are just getting a little too complex. But if you know what you’re doing, then by all means! Don’t over embellish with accessories on your hands and wrists. Maybe a watch that might have sentimental value on your wrist and your engagement ring. Don’t fill up every finger with rings, it’s all about the basics. Oh and that Livestrong bracelet? Probably not a good idea.

*      Footwear: the most important thing is that the shoes are clean. That doesn’t mean they have to look brand new, out of the box, but they should look decent without too much wear and tear. Avoid the shoes that are crusted with mud and grass. If you want to wear white sneakers, then clean them up a little with the wonderful Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. If you’re wearing dress shoes, it wouldn’t hurt to shine them a day before the shoot.

So those are my generic suggestions for guys to consider when attempting to choose their looks for their engagement sessions. Mind you, I didn’t really go in-depth, because when I choose looks for people, I believe you need to know the person a little better before you can really style them up.

Engagement Photo Ideas

It’s important to note that these are my suggestions, and by no means does anyone need to follow them to the dot. Also, these suggestions might not be applicable for all guys, so it’s probably a good idea to know when to ask for help.

Ideas for What to Wear for Portraits

If you are unsure about your look choices, then ask for some input from your partner. If you’re afraid of their opinion, then I’m sure the photographer could provide some input. And if you don’t want to go to the first two options, then come ask me. I’ll be more than willing to help! You can contact me by utilizing the “Ask a Question” link or e-mail at itsomodist @ gmail dot com.

engagement clothing ideas


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