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You could never tell by looking at me that I love fashion. In fact, by all appearances I would almost appear to be completely disinterested in such things based on my extensive wardrobe of jeans and t-shirts.

But it is true. Love indeed. Fashion Television was a welcome break in the local tv line-up as a kid and my 2 best friends were aficionados. Both of them now work in the industry full time, one as the most incredible make-up artist and the other at Gravity Pope.  It would only be natural that I have this almost innate appreciation.

This is also the reason I can talk wedding dress with brides for hours. Seriously hours – if you ever feel like you want to talk about your wedding dress in great detail, just give me a holler. Because it is a long weekend, and long weekends were designed for people to catch up on reading,  I thought I would share some of my weekly (okay – daily) fashion reads in hopes you might also enjoy them.

{1} This is Glamorous – this has been one of my favourite blogs for as long as I can remember. I’m not even sure how I came upon it but it was love at first sight. From the typography to the dreamy photos and far away posts, I didn’t have a chance. I was smitten.

{2} Lace & Tea – I clicked on Lace & Tea from somebody’s Facebook post and just about instantly hit the “favourite” button. Not entirely fashion, but incredible design in every post. Plus divine photos from far away fashion magazines cause my heart to skip a beat.

{3} The Satorialist – There is a reason that people love this blog. Street photography is a fine art. Fashion photography is a whole different medium almost, and to combine the two so perfectly is something rather addictive.

{4} Garance Dore – I have no words. Just go here and look. You’ll understand.

{5} The Style Rookie – I stumbled across The Style Rookie while reading Penelope Trunk’s blog and loved her fresh take on, well, everything. I hope you enjoy reading her posts as much as I do.

Happy Long Weekend! I hope it is filled with good reads and family time.

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  • Dune Shoes - I have checked all of the blogs given by you and find very interesting, specifically 1st & 4th was more interesting to all of them. Thanks for sharing.ReplyCancel