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Day 2 of Awesome: Win from World’s Best Photoshop Actions

Today’s Day of Awesome is for all of us who love to snap pictures and play in photoshop. Today’s awesome is also for those of us who love to take pictures, but don’t like the editing so much.

If you are familiar with Photoshop, you’ve probably heard of actions. An “action” is where someone where records their steps in Photoshop and saves it so that the next time they need to take those steps, they can just hit “play” and save themselves the time because Photoshop will then run those steps for you.

Not all actions are created equal. There are tons of actions out there and a lot of them aren’t very helpful (just one step) or aren’t designed for customization which means they can leave your images in more of mess and you’ll get frustrated with not being able to refine your post processing into your own personal style.

This is why I love the actions from World’s Best Actions. Their actions run all of the basic tasks I do in my regular workflow in with a click of a button and then they are 100% customizable. World’s Best Actions just released their Mixer collection which includes your basic workflow actions, which they call The Perfect Setup, sharpening actions, and even actions to adjust opacity. The Mixer collection is a pretty complete package to help you save time editing, giving you more time to shoot!

Here is an image straight off of camera. It is properly exposed so I have a great base to start with. I opened this image up in Photoshop (from Lightroom) and removed the stray hair from her forehead (which you can’t see here but could if it was blown up) and lightened up the shadows under her eyes.

SOOC Portrait of a Girl by Edmonton Photographer

After I did those steps, I ran The Perfect Setup from the Mixer Collection. I lowered the over opacity down to 50% and this is the resulting image:

Best photoshop actions to retouch and fix photo how-tos

The image looks great here. The action gave it some contrast & sharpening. But I wanted the photo to have some richer tones and  give the photo more golden feel so I ran the Toffee Lovers action from the mixer collection, opened the action and played with the opacity until I found the right level for me.

This is my final image:

Retouching photos with photoshop actions

Here are all the images side by side so you can see the difference:


Here is another image from the same shoot straight off of the camera. I didn’t do any preliminary editing on this image before opening the image up in Photoshop.

How to Edit Photos with Photoshop actions

I ran the Perfect Setup action to start. I wasn’t happy with the overall effect so I opened the action and adjusted the Spotlight layer (made her face too bright) and Edge layer (to decrease the vignette). I wanted to decrease some of the blue & green in the photo, but not completely so I ran The Lemon Squeeze mixer to just give the yellow tones that were already in the picture more punch.  I adjusted the Lemon Squeeze action to 20% opacity. This is the resulting image.

How to Edit Photos with Photoshop actions

I liked that image but I wanted to know what it would like if the picture was a bit warmer, so I ran the Add Warming action and adjusted the opacity down to 30%.

This is the resulting image:

How to Edit Photos with Photoshop actions

Here they are side by side:


Today’s day of Awesome is The Mixer Collection from World’s Best Actions.   The Mixer Collection includes over 45 actions which means there are hundreds of ways you can use the actions to edit your photos. And because they are customizable, you will still be able to add your own personal touch as well.

How to Enter:

Visit the World’s Best Actions Facebook page and “like” their page.

There are more ways to enter!!! You can get additional entries by doing the following: {These entries are all optional but will give you more chances to win when I randomly pick the giveaway winner.}

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Reminder: For all of your entries to count, you must return here and leave a separate comment for each one.  Giveaway closes on September 19th.  Winner will be announced on September 20th. Good luck everyone!