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For Photographers: My Favorite Online Photography Classes

One of the questions people ask me the most is how can they take better photos. It’s kind of a tough question to answer – there are a million ways to get better photos. There’s lighting, posing, know your camera. That is one of the things I truly love about photography  – there is always something to learn.  I’ve dug though  quite a few online photography classes and tutorials and there are a couple that have risen to the top as my favorites. I keep coming back to these sites because they are easy to follow along with, are good value and are constantly updating their content. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or you are a pro, these sites have something for everyone.

Photography Concentrate – Their tutorials are super simple to follow along with. Anyone, even someone who is starting from scratch, will find their guides easy. I love that they also have guides for the insanely important items – such as backing up your photos. And there are tons of great freebies on their site, so check them out.

Digital Photography School – Digital Photography School is a goldmine of information. Their blog will answer any question you might have about photography. They cover everything from the nitty gritty technical stuff to posing to finding inspiration.

ClickinMoms – I didn’t join ClickinMoms until last year and I’m kind of kicking myself about that now. Their forum is filled with great people who are always helpful. I’ve taken some of their breakout sessions and a few of their online courses, which are instructor led, and have found both to be exceptionally well put together. All of the instructors have been great at adjusting content for the photographer that they are working with.

Succeeding as a Wedding Photography Business – This isn’t an online photograph class but a group on Flickr that I have been a part of since day one. I’ve found answers to pretty much every single question I’ve ever had on this forum.  I’ve learnt so much from the people in this group. Take some time to dig through the archives – you’ll find some really great information.

I know that there are thousands of places out there, but these have been my mainstay places. Check them out and if you have a site or two I should check, let me know.

Here’s a sneak peek from a session I’m working on.

Online Photography Classes