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My Favorite Flickr Streams

I’ll admit that I can be a social media junkie. My love of flickr runs deep.  I wanted to share the love so here is a list of some of my favourite photographers on flickr. Enjoy.

1.       Toddlertoes creates family photos that are joyful & fun. Looking through her flickr stream will make you smile.

2.       I have yet to take a single decent self portrait. KorinRochelle takes one every day.

3.       I love color. And a fresh coat of paint. And clever marketing. Dulux has all 3 at their Let’s Colour flickr stream.

4.       I have one word to describe Brittany Dona-lyn’s flickr stream: beautiful.

6.       Telling a story with a series of images is difficult. Telling a story in a single image is genius. Rebecca Lindly has that talent.

7.      La Caitlin’s work is gorgeous with an ethereal quality.

8.      Anastasia Volkova is one of my all-time favourites.

9.     Life is beautiful. Eva Ricci captures the details that help make life’s moments special.

A quick one from Trevor & Amber’s maternity session.