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Loving Landscapes Book Review

I have the utmost respect for landscape photographers. There is a patience and attention to detail in landscape photography that I admire. So when the folks from Digital Photography School sent me a copy of their latest book, Loving Landscapes by New Zealand photographers Todd & Sarah Sisson, I was a bit hesitant that I wouldn’t be the right audience for it. But after reading this one through I can say that this book is so much more than landscape photography – anyone who wants to take better pictures will love this book.

The first part of the book covers the basics of capturing a great image in camera, getting that image on to the computer, backed up and all ready for editing. They do a really great job of breaking down the basics of everything. There is great detail and is very easy to follow along.

Then the book jumps into the nitty gritty of how they process their landscape photos and detailed tutorials on a few different post processing styles What they do really well is go over what decisions they make for what reasons, which is something a lot of how-to books miss.

But, reading about something and it working out for someone are two different things.  So I packed up my trusty camera, my toddler and headed out for a walk. I snapped a few photos and brought them back home to try out some of the tutorials included in Loving Landscapes.

Here is a photo I took out on my walk. The photo isn’t anything special – I took it on a rainy day while balancing my camera in one hand, while hanging on to the stroller with the other. It’s rough shape straight out of camera makes it a great shot to test out the steps in Loving Landscapes.  I ran through their basic editing steps in chapter eight and in about 3 minutes I ended up with that after photo. Not too shabby!

Loving Landscapes Book Review

The last half of the book goes through some of their more advanced techniques for landscape photos such as capturing a milky way shot . Reading through these tutorials, I picked up a few suggestions on how to nail these shots. I am really excited to try their tips out this summer and hopefully catch a few gems.

This book isn’t for someone who doesn’t have Lightroom or Photoshop. There is tons of great detail in this book, but there is a solid focus on the post-processing aspect of the images in those programs, and without them, you won’t get as much value from the book.

Bottom line: this was a great read. If you are new to workflow and post-production, regardless of if you are into landscape photography, this is a really great resource to help you learn the basics in a straightforward manner.  And if you are a landscape photographer, this is a great read to help you hone your post-processing skills and kick them up to the next level.

Loving Landscapes is available over at Digital Photography School.