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3 Things Thursday: Wedding Planning, Skyline Photos & Jose Villa’s Book

* I stumbled upon this Brides.com article that lists out the 50 Best Websites for Your Wedding. There are some great finds in the list like Jennifer Behr hair accessories (is is perfectly okay to wear these around the house. in your sweatpants) and Simple Seating. If you are looking for help with your wedding, this is a handy article to check out.

* What’s that? You love skyline photography? Me too! {click to see some skyline photos}

* Back in the spring I decided to treat myself by picking up the Fine Art Wedding Photography book by Jose Villa. I’ve always been in love with his dreamy images and was eager to have a whole book of them in my hands. I wasn’t really sure what to expect because the book was new and there weren’t a ton of reviews on it yet but I was delighted to find that each page is full of gorgeous imagery and great information on his techniques, workflow, and inspiration. With the insights into into Jose Villa’s processes & his beautiful photos make this read one of the better photography books I’ve ever read.

Jose Villa Fine Art Wedding Photography Book