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Freebie: Free iPhone 4 & iPhone 5 Wallpapers

Mondays aren’t my favourite day of the week. In fact, I don’t know anyone who really likes Mondays. But being on maternity leave does make them a whole lot easier, even though I’m still waiting for baby to make an appearance. I put together a freebie to help make this Monday a bit easier.  I’ve turned a few of my photos photos into free, high-resolution iPhone wall papers. The download includes the 12 wall papers you see below and are available for iPhone 4 & iPhone 5. Feel free to download them and share them with others. This iPhone wallpapers are completely free for you! Happy Monday!!

Click here to download the iPhone 4 Wallpaper

Click here to download the iPhone 5 Wallpaper

First time downloading wall paper? Here are the super easy steps to take:

1) Download the photos and save them to a folder of your choosing on your computer.

2) Plug in your phone & launch iTunes. Then on the left hand side click on your device and then on the “Photos” tab.

3) Choose Folder, and then choose the folder on the computer that you save the images to.

4) Choose “All photos” or “Selected Folders” (depending on your version of iTunes). And then hit the “Apply” button in the bottom right hand cornor.

5) When your phone is done syncing, navigate to the photos menu on your phone, tap the image you’d like to use and then select “set as wallpaper”.

This will set the backgrounds as the wall paper. Enjoy!

Free iPhone 4 & 5 Wallpaper | Nature Wall paper