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For Photographers: Three Photography Products that Changed My Life

A few years ago there was a survey by the ISPWP that show how people thought photographers spent their time & how they really spent their time.


That is pretty much the truth. But most photographers, myself included, would rather be spending their time doing what they love most – taking photos. So when you find a product that helps you save time, it feels a bit like you won a life lottery. Over the years, I’ve developed a few favourites that I couldn’t imagine living without.

Here are a few products that make my life easier:

1) Photo Mechanic.

Photo Mechanic is an image sorting & viewing tool. It works much the same way the image viewer in Lightroom or Bridge works but is about 10x’s faster. Before Photo Mechanic, it would take me a minimum of 3 hours to review & cull a wedding in Lightroom. Other photographers had told me to pick up Photo Mechanic but I had balked at the price and resisted. But after an entire forum of photographers raved about the product, I downloaded the trial. It took me less than 30 minutes to review & cull a wedding. I was in a state of disbelief. I literally got back hours of my life. The program is super-fast and incredibly easy to learn. I can’t imagine not having Photo Mechanic as part of my workflow now.

2) Nero.

I discovered Nero by accident. Five years ago, shamefully, I had no idea that there was a faster way to burn discs. One day my cousin was over and he was waiting for me to finish up a disc burn so we could go out. He was confused by what was taking so long. He came over and couldn’t believe I had never heard of Nero. It literally takes seconds for me to burn discs now. Seconds! I’ve been using Nero for years now and even if I didn’t offer discs, I would still be a loyal user of Nero for personal use.

3) Storyboard.

Blogging images used to be all kinds of time consuming for me. I was using MCP Magic Blog-It boards to put together blog images but I wasn’t crazy but the layouts and the sizing was never perfect. I was constantly fussing with them. And there were a lot of mouse clicks in the process. I started to look for something better and found Storyboard. Storyboard is a Photoshop script that automatically resizes and layouts your images for online & blogging purposes. I went from spending a few hours on a blog post to spending less than an hour. No more using templates, resizing and dragging photos around. I still use MCP Blog-It boards for a few things, such as the odd album or making photo cards, but 99% of my photo compositions are put together using Storyboard now.

  • Lem Lynch - I actually stopped using photo mechanic in favor of bridge a few years back and never looked back. Both are much faster than lightroom, however, which I hate.

    I need to try out storyboard. I spend way too much time sizing and arranging images for blogging. I actually had no idea such a thing existed! Great tip!ReplyCancel

  • Chelsey Rice - I love storyboard!!! Thanks for telling me about it!ReplyCancel