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Brittany & Ben

You might recognize these two. They are Brittany & Ben. Brittany is my kid sister and Ben is her boyfriend. Once I saw this light and the crazy gorgeous overgrown prairie bush, I immediately needed to take pictures.

So take pictures I did. About 400 pictures of the grass, the wild daisies, clover, thistle, and rocks.

But I wanted people pictures! I was obsessed with the light and the scenery and that light was a limited thing – maybe 2, 2.5 hours at most.

What to do when in a bind? Phone your sister. Make her drag her boyfriend, who just home from a long day of work, out.

Thanks Brittany & Ben for coming out at the very last minute, battling an army of mosquitos, waiting patiently while I took even more pictures of grass (yes – just grass), and smiling the whole time. I love you guys! And I hope you love these pictures.