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Three Things Thursday: Garland, Food & Black Friday Deals

     *   I love garland. I think garland looks great at weddings – especially the wedding ceremony. I’m not sure if I’m crafty enough  to make my own garland but in case you are, here is a handy tutorial on how to make garland in 10 different ways!

     *   I’ve been something of a foodie addict lately. Not food addict – a foodie addict. I’m not what you’d call a cultured foodie – I am in no way knowledgeable about anything food related – but I feel if I hang out with some, perhaps their knowledge  will rub off on me. My latest reading additions are Honey & Jam & Kiss My Spatula. Check them out for some delicious recipes and visual fests!  

*   I’ve got my eye on some goodies for Black Friday. Photography Concentrate will be having Black Friday deals on all their tutorials and I can’t recommend them enough. I keep meaning to do a review on them, but until I get around to doing that I’ll just say that each tutorial is awesome and they are rumored to be a smoking good price this Friday.


p.s. Isn’t the new Mrs. Gurba beautiful?

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